AR Photo Booth

Augmented Reality Booth

Snapshot_3_29_2015 5.47.32 PM Snapshot_3_29_2015 6.04.57 PM Snapshot_3_29_2015 6.12.29 PMAugmented Reality Photo Booth

A new interactive Photo Booth. Your guest(s) stands in front of the open style photo booth,  then they view themselves on a 42″ monitor. Instantly, random 3D props are loaded onto the screen and the guest are able to move and interact with them as if they are real! The guest are able to switch the random props by raising their right hand above their head and open it. Once the guests are ready to take their photo, they pull down the virtual gesture slider and 3..2..1.. snap, a memorable augmented reality photo is printed and handed to the guests. We are also utilizing a new technology that allows us to remove the backdrop without the need of a green screen backdrop and have “green screen” back grounds. The backgrounds can be moving (video style) or a still background. There’s no limit of what we can have for backgrounds!