Time Capsule Photo Booth is equipped with the latest in high resolution cameras with full HD video and is the perfect way to capture the fun at any special event!

We make it fun and easy in just 3 steps:

1. Enter the Booth and touch the screen!
Time Capsule Photo Booth has a user-friendly touch screen monitor which allows you to choose B&W, Color or Video in the booth and see a live view of yourself as you pose.

2. Strike a pose!
Be yourself and have fun! Our booth takes four pictures while prompting you to strike a pose for each one. “Capturing the fun behind the scenes”

3. Get your pictures!
When you exit the photo booth the picture will be printing. The photos will print on quality; smudge proof, water resistant paper in approx. 10 seconds. This will create long-lasting memories you can treasure forever!

After the party, everyone is invited to go online and check out all of the photos from the party. At Time Capsule Photo Booths, we post both strips and individual shots. Once in our event gallery, guests can access many photo items, including more prints, digital downloads which are very popular for using on facebook profiles, and many customized photo accessories, including their own albums.

Rent a photo booth for a wedding or any party from Time Capsule Photo Booths! It is the best way to give your guests a night they will remember for years to come!